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How do you keep track of who enters and exits the building?
At pebbles daycare, we follow many safety procedures to protect your children. Also, CCTV cameras are installed to monitor your children and others who get in and out of the building. So, your child is in safe hands.
At your daycare, what age ranges do you accept?
Pebbles provides a nurturing, friendly, safe, and educational environment for your children. A child between 2-6 years old is eligible to join our Pebbles daycare.
Is there video surveillance in the school?
Yes, all daycares are equipped with cameras to monitor the activities in the classrooms. However, the access is only for management, not for parents.
Do I need to bring lunch for my child?
Currently, we are not providing food. So, you should prepare lunch for your child. If cold storage or heating the food is required, we will take care of it.

Note: Only vegetarian food is allowed.
Who will care for my child throughout the day?
Your child will always be in a classroom with trained teachers and caregivers. Our teachers are well-trained to provide the best education possible for your child. Also, they help your children to learn how to interact and develop self-control.
What are your hours of operation?
Our Pebbles daycare is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6.30 pm. Children can attend the daycare for up to 9 hours daily.
Is it okay for my child to bring his or her favourite blanket or toy to school?
We provide blankets to sleep and toys to play with for your child.. So, you don’t need to worry about your baby’s hygiene or send toys.
Is there a separate storage facility for my child's belongings?
Yes, we have a separate space in the classrooms to store your child’s belongings so that they won’t lose them.
How secure is your monitoring system?
We have installed the CCTV cameras in all our classrooms, and all our cameras are encrypted with username and password so no one can accept the files. We also maintain a 1:6 (Staff to child) ratio for proper monitoring.
Where does my child sleep?
We have a separate and quiet room for your child to sleep at our daycare. Our caregivers will frequently check whether your child is sleeping safely or not and ensure that the child sleeps well.
Does the centre supply diapers, or is that up to the parents?
No, you should provide the diapers for your children. Also, we have a stock to use diapers for your child in an emergency.
What if my child gets sick?
We constantly check the temperature and oxygen level before your kid enters the classroom. If they are sick, we will send them back to your home. If your child gets sick at our daycare, we will isolate your child, do the necessary, and contact you immediately.

How to Enroll

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Pebbles daycare is reliable care for your precious little ones, and we are here to help your child spread their wings. For more admission details and timings, contact our office.