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Covid-19 Safety

Covid-19 Safety

We have implemented the following proactive practices in response to the need for additional health and safety precautions to keep all of our children, families, and staff safe.

Read our health and safety rules that are in place during COVID-19. We keep your children safe in our daycare centre by following these rules.

We follow the cleaning and disinfecting procedures and keep our classroom surfaces free of germs.

  • We clean toys and everything before your toddlers play with them.
  • Every day we check the temperature of our staff before they enter our classrooms to ensure that they don’t have a fever or other symptoms of illness.
  • If your child falls ill during the day, we will contact you immediately. We also have an isolation room with proper supervision to take care of your children until they go home.
  • Our Teachers and staff always wear face coverings masks to protect the children. All our caregivers and teachers are also covid vaccinated.
  • We also ensure that admissions are given only to children whose parents are fully vaccinated.
  • Our caregivers help your children do hand washing before and after they play outdoors.
  • The Children’s toys and play equipment are properly cleaned every time after each class is used.
  • We help to keep a physical distance from one child to another during the entry and exit of our school, mealtime, restrooms, playgrounds, and hallways.
  • We clean and disinfect the washrooms regularly.
  • We disinfect the diaper changing areas after each use. Some of the places we disinfect frequently are shared toys, chairs, plates, door handles, light switches, cups, etc.
  • We safely remove the garbage at least twice a day.
  • Our staff wears gloves when handling contamination, changing diapers, cleaning, or serving food to your children. Also, they will wash their hands once the gloves are removed.
  • We Complete regular inspections for health and cleanliness every day and supervise children at all times.

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